SIRA students

Through a system of part-time learning and working, young people are trained during one year for the job of process operator in the chemical industry.

The SIRA project was established in 1987. With this project the participating chemical companies, including Evonik Antwerpen, want to train young people during one school year for the job of process operator in the chemical industry, through a system of part-time learning and working.

The project is aimed at young people who:

  • are at the time of recruitment minimum 18 and maximum 25 years
  • are technically interested
  • are job-seekers at the beginning of the training
  • are prepared to work in shifts
  • pass the selection tests
  • have no degree by which they would directly meet the educational requirements for the position of process operator

The training program consists of theoretical training (two days a week) and business practice (on average three days a week). The theoretical part is given at school, either in the Provinciaal Instituut voor Technische Onderwijs in Stabroek, or in the Technicum in Antwerp. The practical training is done in a specific shift system (early, late and night). They carry out assignments and activities in a production unit. For this practical training the SIRA student receives a fee.

The theoretical part is concluded at school by final examinations in June. In case of a positive evaluation of both school and practical results, the SIRA student receives an officially recognized certificate and has a real chance to start at Evonik Antwerpen with a fixed contract.


Apply online on the SIRA website: