Nutrition & Care

Fulfilling basic human needs in a globalizing world.

The operational business of Nutrition & Care is spread out over seven business lines, all of which are united by a common theme - one that defines the segment’s self-image and serves as a compass for making business decisions. It is a theme that communicates the story of Nutrition & Care, both to our employees and to society.

Uniting the business lines is the environment in which they operate: growth markets driven by megatrends such as population growth, globalization, and health and sustainability awareness. Thanks to its business activities in the fields of consumer goods, nutrition, health, and industrial specialties, Nutrition & Care encompasses many areas of daily life. To put it in a nutshell, we fulfill basic human needs in a globalizing world.

As a result, our businesses share similar principles: they are global in outlook and concentrate a considerable portion of their activities in emerging markets. While standards of quality and reliability are especially high when the goal is human well-being, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor as well. And in our search for the right solutions, we take what is known as a value approach, investing in close customer relations grounded in a spirit of partnership.

To be successful in these attractive growth markets, Nutrition & Care must stand out above the competition—through sophisticated technologies, close customer relationships, and cost leadership. This is our common strategic goal. And thanks to good and bold decisions in the past, we have already laid the foundation for achieving that goal. Linking a segment of considerable size to the resources of a major industrial corporation offers many advantages for the future, such as access to financing, stability, and a wide range of competencies—not to mention our many gifted employees and their valuable expertise. Altogether, that makes us a group of businesses whose futures are all equally promising.