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AC/MC plant

Acrolein and methylmercaptane are produced here. These two substances, which are only processed within the factory, form together with hydrocyanic acid the base components for the amino acid methionine. The raw materials for the two products are propene, or sulphur, methanol and hydrogen.


Acrolein cyanohydrinacetate is a basic product for BASTA®, a total herbicide of the new generation. It is only active through the leaves, is harmless for the soil and decomposes completely and quickly. It is used in fruit culture and forestry for example.


Hydrogen peroxide of various concentrations is produced out of hydrogen and oxygen. It is used as a bleaching and oxidizing agent in the textile industry, the paper and chemical industry, just as for wood processing and it is used in cleaning sewage and industrial waste air. It is also a basic product for peroxides and other chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide is a very important and ecological product for the waste water treatment. Furthermore it is common knowledge that hairdressers use hydrogen peroxide to bleach hair.

B plant

Hydrocyanic acid or prussic acid is not sold. Produced from natural gas and ammonia it is used in the factory as a raw material for a series of organic products.

hkCS plant

Chlorosilanes are produced through a reaction of solid Si metal with hydrogen chloride gas in two different installations, each with their own technology. The silicon tetrachloride is used as a raw material in the FK plant for the production of Aerosil®. Het trichloorsilaan wordt hoofdzakelijk intern verwerkt voor de productie van organosilanen.


Aerosil® is a binding agent used in paints, varnish, pastes and it is applied as an active filler in rubber and silicone rubber. Furthermore it is used in the cosmetic and farmaceutical industry. Aerosil® is a highly-dispersed substance. For example when you spread 10 g of Aerosil® you can cover the surface of an entire football field. Applications of Aerosil® that are part of our daily life: it is found in toothpastes, it prevents make-up from becoming lumpy, it makes tablets fall apart in water, you can find it in the screen of your television set, it is found in tires, especially winter tires to avoid spikes, it improves the flow behaviour of paint and varnish, the boots of the first men on the moon contained Aerosil®.

me-1 and ME-2 plant

Methionine is an essential amino acid and is applied as an additive for animal nutrition. In this respect it has an important advantage compared to fish-flour, for it has no particular residual flavour taste and reduces the consumption of this protein source in the feed stock.
It is also used in human medicine for example to control liver disorders.

PACM plant

Within the PACM plant 2 products (PACM and TMC-on) are being produced. They are mainly used as basic components for different plastics.

sl plant

Organosilane Si 69 is applied in the rubber industry for the improvement of the mechanic qualities of rubber and to obtain an adhesive of rubber to for example steel. The use in the surface layer of «ecological tires» results in the reduction of the rolling resistance and therefore the fuel consumption.