Technology & Infrastructure

Products, Markets, Applications

The Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH Competence Center offers customized solutions for utilities and waste, technical services, process technology and engineering, logistics as well as site management. This guarantees quality, availability and safety from only one point of contact.

The experts of Energy & Utilities think in networks. For example, a cross-site waste stream management and the introduction of an integrated 24h balance circuit and load management for electricity and natural gas were successfully implemented.

For example, adjusting the maintenance cycles of plants to the volatility of the markets is part of adopting the challenges customers face for Evonik Technology & Infrastructure. For this, the Technical Service develops forecast models for various scenarios. This increases flexibility and reduces costs.

The logistics specialists work hard to strengthen the Green Logistics, for example by using bi-modal transport including inland waterways and rail, instead of road freight. Hereby, entire logistics chains are systematically investigated for environmental risks, occupational safety and also economic efficiency.

For example, the standardization of processes for managing buildings, guarantees global growth in site management. Uniform service levels, information systems and approaches for the optimization of operating costs as well as holistic maintenance strategies and energy management are all conceptual points of focus.

Energy & Utilities offers:

  • Provision of electricity and gases
  • Supply of process steam, cold, heat, water
  • Disposal of waste, waste water, exhaust gases

Technical Service offers:

  • Ensuring the availability of production plants
  • Development of maintenance strategies
  • Maintenance
  • Calibration
  • Assembly
  • Inspection
  • Revision
  • Rapid elimination of malfunctions
  • Development, planning and construction of pilot and test plants and special devices

Process Technology & Engineering offers:

  • Development of new processes
  • Optimization of existing processes
  • Worldwide construction of chemical plants
  • Individual technology consultancy
  • Recruiting and development of engineers
  • Cooperation with universities

Logistics offer:

  • Storage facilities
  • Factory railway
  • Transmission Networks
  • Port operations
  • Forwarding Services

Site Management offers:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Work and occupational safety and health
  • Managing authorities and Events
  • Facility Management
  • Catering