Nutrition & Care

Products, Markets, Applications

The Nutrition & Care division produces specialty chemicals, principally for use in consumer goods for daily needs, and in animal nutrition and healthcare products. The long-term development of this segment's business is driven by socio-economic trends: Global population growth and the rise of an affluent middle class in the emerging markets are increasing consumption of animal protein such as meat, eggs, milk and fish, leading to higher demand for better quality day-to-day consumer goods such as personal care products and cosmetics. Moreover, as a result of demographic change the proportion of older people in the developed markets will rise in the long term, leading to higher demand for cosmetics, wellness an healthcare products.

Animal Nutrition

Evonik produces feed additives at six sites in five countries and is the only company in the world to produce and market all four of the important amino acids for modern animal nutrition.


Our EUDRAGIT® acrylic polymers allow the active in your solid dosage form to perform during their passage in the human body.

Household Care

We are one of the world's leading suppliers of raw materials and additives for care and cleaning products for the car, household, and laundry as well as industrial and institutional facilities.

Personal Care

Evonik is a specialist in the manufacture and supply of effective skin care, hair care and body cleansing products which accepts responsibility throughout the entire product lifecycle, the use of renewables and sustainable technologies.


The RESOMER® brand of Evonik includes a variety of biodegradable polymers for medical devices and sustained release applications.