For a better life

Nutrition & Care

In the new Nutrition & Care division, everything revolves around human well-being – around health and the quality of life. All products are used directly on, or in humans or animals. They are functional actives, not simply materials. This is what characterizes our three business lines: Health Care, Care Solutions and Animal Nutrition.

They are, in effect, the engine rooms in which we work on differentiated solutions for our markets – these are primarily pharmaceutical ingredients, medical products, nutrition for humans and animals, personal care products, cosmetics, and household cleaning products.

Nutrition & Care is one of Evonik’s three growth divisions. The basis for the high growth expectations consists of the robust, non-cyclical markets close to the end user, shared core competencies, and a well-filled innovation pipeline.

The growth of our markets – medical, cosmetics/cleansing and animal nutrition – is based on long-term megatrends such as progress in medicine, the aging population, the expanding middle class and, above all, sustainability. We can rely on these. In these markets, we work together with our customers and partners along the value chain to create value.

We hold market-leading positions in most of our businesses. In many cases, we were pioneers in our industries and have been the market leaders for several decades. Our key competitive advantage, which has made all this possible, is our ability to understand complex systems. Traditionally, our thinking has gone beyond chemistry, we have worked on interfaces between chemistry, biotechnology, medicine, nutrition, physiology and engineering. This enables us to develop holistic solutions, which our world urgently needs.

The innovative strength of Nutrition & Care is based primarily on three key factors: We have strong expertise in biotechnology. We understand our customers and their value chains. Sustainability is our top priority.

Using this innovative strength, we want to remain as an important growth and value driver for Evonik and for our customers, while striving to sustainably improve the lives of people across the world.


Our contribution to world nutrition: Providing solutions for sustainable animal protein. To achieve this, many things have to change in animal nutrition, animal health, and animal farming. This requires innovative, holistic solutions.

Care Solutions

As a specialist for effective cleaning and care for skin and hair, Evonik’s Care Solutions Business Line combines scientific competencies with a passion for the business. We put our heart into everything we do, and offer our customers the best that our combined knowledge and technology makes possible.

Health Care

We partner with the world’s pharmaceutical, medical and nutritional companies to transform complexity into value. Our high-quality ingredients, delivery systems and contract services generate distinctive outcomes that advance health and well-being.