EEVA | Work clearance and permits

Nobody is allowed to carry out work without a work clearance and the required permits.

Work may only be performed if permission is given.

For some jobs, the permission consists of going to report to the control room or unit, examples include: cleaning services, inspection tours, changing IT equipment in the company building, etc... (house, garden and kitchen jobs).

In other cases, this is an assignment given to employees by the shift supervisor, for example.

However, it may also be a complex overall project involving several parties.

The first two types do not fall within the scope of this EEVA: As far as house, garden and kitchen jobs are concerned, the risks are of such a low nature that no additional releases or permissions are required here.

Furthermore, it is assumed that the production workers are sufficiently skilled and experienced to safely perform these types of standard and mostly routine jobs. The actions are described in work instructions.

For the more complex jobs, everything starts with an order (work order), followed by a more detailed description (scripts, checklists, etc.) and ends by returning to operation after a thorough check.

Within EEVA the emphasis is on the correct and complete follow-up of this process, specifically for this last category and this by both own employees and contractors. The preliminary stage, if applicable, is transferred after an interim approval.

A work release is the official approval that the work may start. All preliminary activities were completed and checked. All safety measures have been implemented and the executing persons have taken note of them.

Certain jobs require an additional permit. This defines a number of specific measures that must be applied and documented without exception. If there is this additional permit, it was agreed that an LMRA+ is always carried out.