EEVA | Personal protective equipment

When carrying out work, the prescribed PPE must always be worn.

In most cases, the safety provisions in the technical, structural and organizational fields at Evonik Antwerp are of such a level that the chance of risk exposure is reduced to a strict minimum.

However, the residual risk is not zero.

To minimize the effect on people, PPE forms an additional layer of protection. Therefore, in most cases, this is not about eliminating the risk but rather reducing the potential consequences.

Personal protective equipment is the final barrier between the risk and the person.

Example: If product escapes, the gas work suit can ensure that the employee does not come into contact with it.

A distinction is made between standard PPE (safety helmet, safety glasses, safety shoes, respiratory protection , hearing protection) and specific PPE (chemical suit, safety harness, ...). The use of the latter category is described in the specific task- or product-related work instructions.

Within the EEVA concept, the focus is on wearing the prescribed PPE when carrying out high-risk work.