Product Details


Tooth sensitivity is a common problem according to the American Dental Association, with almost 50% of the population not being able to fully enjoy eating ice cream or taking a sip of their hot coffee. This can be caused by gum recession as a result gum recession as a result of age, erosion caused by acidic beverages, teeth grinding and other medical conditions, leaving the dentin of the tooth exposed. Based on Brännström’s Hydrodynamic Theory, without protection, fluids will travel through the tubules of the dentin, stimulating nerves and causing pain. Evonik has developed SPHERILEX® 148 which is a spherical shaped synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide that can occlude dentin tubules as a significant amount of the particles is smaller than the tubules. The product should be used at 2-5% concentration in conjunction with standard ZEODENT® products.

Scope of Application

High affinity to block dentin tubules High cleaning at low concentration levels Reduced wear on enamel surfaces Smooth mouthfeel Increased production efficiency through rapid dispersion Up to three times lower wear on equipment (compared to other high cleaning silica)

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