Product Details

Dynasylan® SIVO 850

Scope of Application

Dynasylan® SIVO 850 is a ready-to-use oil in water emulsion composed of an alkyltrialkoxysilane oligomer. Dynasylan® SIVO 850 can be applied as delivered or can be diluted to adjust the active concentration of the silane. Especially in application fields like fiber glass, mineral filler and other surface modification applications hydrophobicity can be achieved by using Dynasylan® SIVO 850 without any additional steps of pre-hydrolysis or pH adjustment. This makes it a truly ready-to-use product wherever you need to apply a hydrophobic silane in a water-based environment. As of contact with the inorganic surface, the water-based emulsion of Dynasylan® SIVO 850 breaks and releases the alkylsilane oligomer for reaction. This is followed by the hydrolysis reaction. During this reaction a certain amount of ethanol (VOC) is released. From an enviromental standpoint it should be noted that the amount of released hydrolysis ethanol is significantly reduced compared to monomeric silanes (ASTMD5095-91, < 200 g ethanol/l). Dynasylan® SIVO 850 can be used as a mineral filler or pigment, either inorganic or organic, treatment. The medium-chain alkyl functionality results in unique filler or pigment properties when Dynasylan® SIVO 850 treated minerals or pigments are incorporated into polymers, e.g. polyethylene or polypropylene. Loading levels of 1.0 to 3.0 wt.% Dynasylan® SIVO 850 based on the weight of filler or pigment are typically recommended.

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