Product Details

Protectosil® SH 100

Solvent-free one-component consolidant based on silicic acid esters.

Scope of Application

Protectosil® SH 100 is qualified for the consolidation of mineral construction materials acts as a binder due to the hydrolysis and subsequent dehydration to polymeric silicious structures may be used for the restoration of natural stone is qualified for the consolidation of brick work and terracotta improves the thermal and chemical stability and mechanical properties of treated substrates is not miscible with water solvent free one component system, ready to use Protectosil® SH 100 is applied on dry substrates when temperatures are between 5 - 30 °C. Application is typically carried out by flooding until the substrate is saturated, i. e. no additional material is absorbed within 1 minute; application by rolling is also possible provided enough material can be applied homogeneously. In case a repeated treatment is necessary on strongly decayed substrates this should be carried out as a wet-in-wet application max. 4 hours after the first treatment. Excess material has to be removed right after the application in order to avoid formation of glossy spots especially on less-porous areas of the substrate. This may be achieved by flooding with methyl-ethylketone or white spirit. It is recommended to treat the whole area in one step in order to secure uniform appearance. To improve long-term protection of the substrate subsequent treatment with masonry water repellents is recommended.

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