Product Details


AEROXIDE® TiO2 PF 2 is a unique fine particle mixed oxide consisting of titania and iron oxide, manufactured analogous to the AEROSIL® process. AEROXIDE® TiO2 PF 2 is an excellent heat stability in silicone rubber systems and certified according to BfR IV.

Scope of Application

Applications In silicone rubber systems- RTV-1K- RTV-2K- LSR- HCR Properties Process related high purity Heat stabilizing properties for silicone-elastomers through its effect on redox reactionsThereby:- Improvement of ageing properties at high temperature (≥ 275°C) - Positive impact on flammability protection AEROXIDE® TiO2 PF 2 is based on AEROXIDE® TiO2 P 25, but was further developed to optimize its properties as a heat stabilizer for silicone systems.

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