Product Details

Dynasylan® 9116

Dynasylan® 9116 is a monomeric long-chain alkylfunctional silane.

Scope of Application

Dynasylan® 9116 silane can be used for the treatment of mineral fillers and pigments or inorganic surfaces in general (e.g. concrete, ATH, MDH). The long-chain alkyl functionality results in unique compound properties (better dispersion, high filler loadings, enhanced mechanical properties, reduced water uptake) when Dynasylan® 9116 treated fillers are incorporated into polymers (e.g. polypropylene). Key Benefits: Because of its unique structure, Dynasylan® 9116 exhibits superior hydrophobicity on substrates and forms weather- and moisture-resistant bonds to substrates as well. Use of Dynasylan® 9116 silane results in: waterproofing by impregnation when used as a water-repellent improvements in toughness in wollastonite-filled polypropylene, allowing the formulation of highly-filled compounds

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